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Intruder Deterrent Solutions was founded with the mission to protect our clients from harm with effective security and safety products that will stand up to any test.

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Intruder Deterrent Solutions

We Protect What Matters Most

We specialize in the design, fabrication, and installation of bullet resistant, forced-entry rated, blast resistant, hurricane resistant, and tornado resistant products and systems. Intruder Deterrent Solutions offers expertise in all levels of the installation process, from the design stage to applying the final touches in the end stages of installation. In other words, we offer unique preliminary assessment and consultation services to assist our clients in first identifying their needs based on their real or perceived threats, then go forward in designing, fabricating, and installing a customized security system.

This is why Intruder Deterrent Solutions is sought after by some of the most prominent and influential corporations and individuals who demand the best products, designs, and services available. We have installed many custom projects that gives us the depth of experience necessary to meet any challenge that our clients can possibly bring to us and offer solutions to any problem.

A Diverse Range of Products & Solutions at Affordable Prices

Affordable Functionality

Designed to Last

Our products are sleek and innovative to the point where they can be built to look, feel, and function as ordinary products but will offer state of the art protection to the level each client requires if ever put to the test.

Security Isn’t Expensive, It’s Priceless.

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