Storefront Protection

Protect Your Storefront from Smash & Grab Theft

Smash and grab crime can happen in less than a minute. An intruder can smash a window and make off with your inventory in seconds. Almost every burglary incident included some type of forced entry through an unprotected or poorly protected glass door or window. We all have watched the evening news showing how easily tempered glass breaks when something as simple as a brick or tool is used to break the glass door.

So, what can you do? The best way is to create layers of physical protection designed to slow an intruder down and that can make the difference between your business being an easy target to be burglarized or not. Intruder Deterrent Solutions offers multiple security products designed to protect your business from damaging UV rays, thieves, and severe weather.

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We can design the perfect security solution using one or a combination of security products that will provide maximum protection and be professionally installed

IDS Polycarbonate Panels

IDS Polycarbonate panels are designed for maximum forced entry protection and virtually eliminate the “smash and grab” threat without resorting to unsightly roll down barriers or bars. Clear polycarbonate sheets have the transparency of glass but are 250 times stronger, making it the ideal resource for many protective applications that require a clear surface. IDS Polycarbonate panels can be installed in front and behind glass walls and can add an extra level of forced entry protection.

Security & Safety Film

Security film adds a layer of strong, clear protection and allows peace of mind. Safety and security films unlike most security products are barely noticeable. Don’t let that fool you the film is designed to help reduce the effects of all kinds of forced entry such as break-ins, vandalism, accidents, severe weather. They’re designed to strengthen and help protect vulnerable windows, doors and more, preserving an attractive exterior appearance. Intruder deterrent Solutions installs security, solar, and anti-graffiti films.

Stainless Steel Security Screens

Stainless Steel Security Screens are the perfect option to cover and protect storefront glazing from forced entry and sever weather. Stainless Steel Security Screens incorporate high level of protection while allowing clear views of merchandise. The stainless steel screens are designed to be low profile and look like a bug screen and is the perfect alternative to rolling steel doors or unsightly security bars.

Rolling Shutters

Intruder Deterrent Solution provides storefront rolling shutters that are designed for maximum protection. Our premium shutters create a strong security barrier to protect your valuable inventory. After installing storefront shutters, retailers have reported a 90% decrease in attempted burglaries and virtually eliminate the threat of smash and grabs.

Many of all break-ins will occur through your windows and doors. Therefore, it only makes sense to secure the weak points inherent to all buildings by having commercial rolling shutters that are robust, and reliable. Rolling Shutters are the most convenient and popular storm and security protection available today.

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