Sanctuary Secure Rooms

Seamlessly transform any room into a safe haven

Protecting the rich and famous is serious business. That's why many prominent celebrities, athletes, and business executives are taking control of their safety and installing safe rooms, often referred to as "panic rooms," in their homes. "It's not a luxury; it's now a necessity."

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Panic Room Designs Have Come A Long Way


Our clients are looking for something more than a hardened closet to hide in. That is why we partnered up with FBS to offer our clients the “FBS Sanctuary.”

FBS’s state-of-the-art protection systems – invisible to the eye – seamlessly transform any room into a safe haven, virtually impenetrable doors and windows handcrafted exclusively in Italy to meet the most demanding specifications. No more unsightly, industrial-looking hardware or metal casings. With FBS’s astounding selection of materials, armored doors and windows are custom-made to complement any décor, while providing you and your loved ones an unsurpassed level of security.

Intruder Deterrent Solutions can further harden the FBS Sanctuary with ballistic wall panels that meet UL 752 Level 8 & NIJ IV and our fixed windows are blast, ballistic, hurricane and tornado resistant and meet the Florida building Codes and FEMA P-361 guidelines.

Security Isn’t Expensive, It’s Priceless.

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